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All REDIRACK® products manufactured since April 2011 are embossed with the CORNIX® mark in order to make the difference with the many counterfeit products, mostly of inferior quality, available on the European market. Check if the CORNIX® mark is on your product or ask for the CORNIX® quality certificate which we supply free of charge on simple demand. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us as accidents can be fatal !

Redirack® is Belgium's first and most popular pallet racking and storage systems manufacturer. For over 60 years Redirack® has helped thousands of customers, all over Europe, Africa and North America, to store their goods in an intelligent, safe and efficient way.

In 2011 Redirack® became a member of the CORNIX® group (CORNIX® is a manufacturer of storage systems since 1958 and was founded by a former Redirack® staff member) and the full range is manufactured in our modern factory in Nivelles, Belgium.

Redirack® : the Belgian manufacturer of storage systems and palet racking. The best solution for all your storage needs, whatever their size or weight.

As one of the most experienced manufacturers in the storage equipment market, Redirack® will design tailor-made storage systems for any customer. We base our knowledge on years of experience with thousands of customers in numerous countries who were confronted with similar storage needs.

Criteria such as safety, space optimization, damage prevention and compatibility with existing lifting equipment are taken into account in the design of the ideal storage installation.

For the storage of perishable goods we developed RediRoll® a “First in-First out” system.

Years of confidence and loyalty of our vast clientele are the best prove of the quality of both our products and service.

product a

Pallet storage
In need of a bespoke solution for the storage of your pallets ?

Say goodbye to your pallet storage problems, we offer a bespoke solution for your palletized goods no matter what weight or dimensions. Optimize your storage space with RediRack®.

RediRack®: pallet racking
RediBuild®: covered storage
RediDrive®: drive-in & drive-through
RediRoll®: dynamic storage

product b

 Lightweight storage and small parts
In need of a solution for storing your small items ?

Whatever your product's size we offer bespoke solutions to suit your space and your needs. Standard shelving systems or longspan shelving.

RediTab®: shelving
RediSpan®: longspan shelving

product d

Double, triple, … your available space !

With the RediDeck® mezzanines (on steel structure) you can double, triple, … your available space. This mezzanine can be built on an open steel structure or on any storage system structure (shelving, longspan, pallet racking, drive-in, …).

RediDeck®: mezzanines & staircases

product c

Long loads or special dimensions
You need to store extra long or special sized goods ?

What ever your storage problem, may it be too long for standard shelving or does it need to be stored vertically: we have the solution for you.

RediCant®: cantilevers
RediCable®: cable drum storage
RediSpan®: vertical storage
RediSpan®: drum storage



03/06/2019 Launching RediRack® HC30 pallet racking : up to 28000 kg frame load !

06/02/2019 RediTab® Light : a new basic shelving system.

15/08/2017 REDIRACK launches Rent-a-Rack : REDIRACK’s contract hire service.

03/04/2015 Launching RediRack® HC25 pallet racking : up to 24500 kg frame load !

24/03/2011 REDIRACK joins the CORNIX group.

09/02/2009 TRAVHYDRO STORAGE SYSTEMS is acquired by the CORNIX group.

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For general information about our products and services and in order to stay informed about our various activities.

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