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RediRack®: pallet racking

The original REDIRACK® pallet racking system remains in production !

Not only is REDIRACK® Europe's number 1 manufacturer of pallet racking, it is also the oldest manufacturer of that system. For extra heavy loads TraviRack® , the CORNIX® pallet racking system, is available. Frame loads up to 28 tons, beam loads up to 5 tons per pair, unlimited heights, full range of colours available, … Multiple accessories and applications : mezzanines, storage of cable coils, etc.



RediBuild®: covered storage

Protect your goods from all weather conditions.

RediBuild® allows you to optimize your 'Garden / Pergola' area. We introduce a roof to be installed onto your galvanized pallet racking and this on a small budget.

- Heights up to 5 meter. 
- Maximum bay span 4,8 m. 
- Passage ways between racking up to 6 m. 
- Roof & partitioning available in corrugated iron or translucent panels. 
- Passage ways can be fenced by steel doors or strip curtains. 
- Gutters and drainage pipes can be fitted in the installation. 
- Multiple point of sale accessories for DIY available.


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RediDrive®: drive-in & drive-through

Pallet storage with a 100 % or more space gain !

RediDrive® drive-in & drive-through is manufactured by CORNIX® (the original TRAVHYDRO concept): a system for storage of big quantities of similar products with big rotation. This system allows you to reduce significantly the required storage space. Indispensable for refrigerated depots, deep-freezers, etc.



RediTab®: shelving

You want to store small parts ? 1, 2, 3 or 4 tier ?

Unlimited possibilities with the RediTab® evolutive boltless system ! Shelving for archives, cardboard or plastic bins, mezzanines, multi-tier installations (2, 3 or 4 tier), suspended filing, suspended textile storage, mobile shelving, etc. Evolutive boltless system with a full range of accessories.


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RediSpan®: longspan shelving

You want to store bulky goods ? 1, 2, 3 or 4 tier ?

RediSpan® Plus, the 'millenium' storage system of REDIRACK® ! A particularly esthetical longspan storage system for semi-heavy goods and/or bulky merchandise. Applications : archives, storage of tires, exhausts, wind screens, textile, etc. Mezzanines, multi-tier installations, mini-load systems, dynamic storage,…



RediCable®: cable drum storage

Storage of cable drums in an efficient way.

Based on the RediRack® pallet racking system we designed a special rack that allows you to store your cable drums in an efficient way.


RediDeck®: mezzanines

A mezzanine doubles, triples ... your available space and when you move you just take it with you.

RediDeck® mezzanines can be built on several structures : on RediRack® pallet racking or on C-Rack® pallet racking, on a RediDrive® drive-in, on RediSpan® long span, on RediTab® shelving or simply on columns. Multi tier possible !

Spans up to 6 meter in the RediRack® system and even bigger spans in the RediDeck® system. Staircases, handrail, loading gates and security gates for palet loading are also available.


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RediRoll®: dynamic storage

Dynamic storage : gravity conveyors or push back systems. LIFO or FIFO.

The RediRack® and RediDrive® storage systems can be fitted with dynamic parts. Two possibilities : the RediRoll® gravity conveyor system is based on heavy duty rollers that are fitted in a certain angle into the racking systems or the FLOWRAIL system which is a push-back system on heavy duty chains. Fitting as LIFO or FIFO is possible.



RediCant®: cantilevers

You want to store long & heavy loads ? Or goods with irregular dimensions ?

RediCant® cantilevers offer a solution for the storage of goods of the most divers dimensions and loads : packs of chipboard panels, profiles and beams, all kinds of parts for industrial engines, pipes, roofplates, boats, etc. In short: anything you can not fit into a conventional pallet racking. Ideal for dealers of building materials e.g.



03/06/2019 Launching RediRack® HC30 pallet racking : up to 28000 kg frame load !

06/02/2019 RediTab® Light : a new basic shelving system.

15/08/2017 REDIRACK launches Rent-a-Rack : REDIRACK’s contract hire service.

03/04/2015 Launching RediRack® HC25 pallet racking : up to 24500 kg frame load !

24/03/2011 REDIRACK joins the CORNIX group.

09/02/2009 TRAVHYDRO STORAGE SYSTEMS is acquired by the CORNIX group.

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